Energy Singularity Challenge 2020: Social Energy Networks

The Energy Singularity Challenge at Odyssey Momentum, led by Grid Singularity and Engie, and further supported by Stedin, Alliander, Enpuls and E.ON, as well as the Florence School of Regulation, engaged diverse stakeholders to simulate, experiment and advance the deployment of agent-based bottom-up energy markets. The Energy Singularity Challenge took place virtually on 13–15 November 2020, with the first challenge stream exploring the technical deployment of peer-to-peer energy markets, and the second stream soliciting new ways of engaging with consumers and prosumers to optimise and rethink an individual’s relationship with energy. This article tells the story of the ideation course and outcomes of the second stream.

The Ideation Framework

In March 2020, three teams were selected to compete in the Energy Singularity Challenge Stream Two: Decergy, rvolt and Streaming Potential. To prepare for Odyssey Momentum, they participated in a series of

  1. Willingness of individuals to engage and the need to communicate kilowatts and other energy terms in a relatable way, and
  2. Implementation challenges of incorporating the physical and regulatory layers, not only in relation to energy infrastructure and legislation but also data protection when linking to other social media platforms.
Energy Singularity Challenge: Accounting for Social Fairness in Designing Energy Applications, Dr Michael Fell

The Ideas

a. Decergy Team

Figure 1: Decergy Team concept development process
Figure 2: Decergy Team prototype development
Figure 3: Decergy Team app proposal

b. Rvolt Team

Figure 4: rvolt users survey, June 2020
Figure 5: rvolt team app proposal
Figure 6: rvolt team app future development

c. Streaming Potential Team

Figure 7: Streaming Potential design concept development
Figure 8: Streaming Potential app proposal
Figure 9: Streaming Potential team future app development

d. Grid Singularity Team (GS_y Team)

Figure 10: GS_y Team design concept development
Figure 11: GS_y Team app prototype
Figure 12: GS_y Team app prototype rollout

The Finale

The jury judging the Energy Singularity Challenge for Stream Two included diverse energy market stakeholders:

Figure 13: Energy Singularity Challenge live discussion, November 2020

Engineering open source software that simulates and operates grid-aware energy exchanges, creating local marketplaces that interconnect to form a smart grid