Grid Singularity and Rebase Energy Awarded 2021 AI4Cities Grant

Grid Singularity
3 min readMay 4, 2021

Berlin/Stockholm, 4 May 2021

Energy technology startups Grid Singularity and Rebase Energy have been awarded a grant by AI4Cities to functionally integrate Rebase’s open energy data map and library with Grid Singularity’s open-source platform to simulate and operate local energy communities. This will enable individuals interested in local energy trading to evaluate the benefits of local marketplaces with a higher level of granularity propelled by artificial intelligence (AI), making informed decisions that account for weather and other factors.

While energy is vital for city infrastructure, heating, cooling, security and light, it also accounts for 58% of greenhouse gas emissions in Europe’s urban areas. AI4Cities is a European Union Horizon funded Pre-Commercial Procurement project, in which six European cities and regions (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Paris Region, Stavanger and Tallinn) have joined forces to reduce energy-related carbon emissions using AI technologies by supporting and piloting novel solutions. The synergy project proposed by Grid Singularity and Rebase Energy sees the two companies take a unique holistic approach, leveraging state-of-the-art AI to optimise energy use, minimise CO2 emissions, and empower citizens to take active part in local energy communities. Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi, CEO and cofounder of Rebase Energy, explained the project’s objective:

“Our joint solution will provide citizens with open source, non-intrusive AI tools to identify opportunities to consume more locally produced electricity by creating and operating local energy communities.”

The first project phase will be to identify city partners and design a pilot implementation.

“Not only will the Grid Singularity and Rebase Energy collaborative solution advance the integration of renewables in cities, it will also accelerate the establishment of local energy communities and reinforce the role of citizens in the energy transition. The critical ingredient here is the open-source innovation approach and we look forward to similar collaborations in the future,” highlighted Fatuma Mohamed, energy engineer and communities’ specialist at Grid Singularity.

Grid Singularity Energy Marketplace

Grid Singularity is an open-source energy technology startup, democratising energy by placing the individual and the environment at the centre of the energy market. Grid Singularity simulates and operates grid-aware energy exchanges to enable local marketplaces that interconnect to form a smart, transactive grid, facilitating market participation by connecting aggregators and grid operators through an application interface.

Rebase Energy is an energy simulation and optimisation company developing two products: the Rebase Datahub and the Rebase Toolkit. The Rebase Datahub is an API including weather, market and asset data tailored to the energy industry and Rebase Toolkit is a software development kit that simplifies iteration and development of smart energy agents both for simulation and optimisation use cases.



Grid Singularity

Engineering open source software that simulates and operates grid-aware energy exchanges, creating local marketplaces that interconnect to form a smart grid